From the film archive: 16mm footage of the legendary Aces United at Curries Fountain stadium.

Wall of Death: Tommy Chetty and Amaranee Naidoo ride alongside each other on the notorious Wall for enchanted fans.

Glamour couple: Musicians Sonny Pillay and Miriam Makeba in rehearsal in Durban.

The Big Bump: Pumpy Naidoo and Springbok Radio announcer McKay confront each other at the Durban City Hall.

1965 Showdown: Caddy turned golfer Papwa Sewgolum defeats Gary Player in the 1965 Natal Open, at a time when Player was the the world's top earner in the game.

Ruffled a few feathers: Activist and feminist Dr Goonam lived her life as she pleased with her non-compromising principles and alternative lifestyle.

An annual event: 16mm film footage of Durban's beaches during Easter.

Market life: Octogenarian Vic Pillay remembers the heydays of the Victoria Street market, the Crimson League gang, Manning Rangers Football Club and gangster Michael John.

Presenters Riason Naidoo and Aziz Hassim in conversation with veteran DRUM journalist Farook Khan in one of Durban's oldest and most frequented eateries - 'Victory Lounge' - on the corner of Grey & Victoria Streets.

Drs Monty Naicker and Yusuf Dadoo, leaders of the South African Indian Congress, visit India after independence in 1947 at the invitation of Mahatma Gandhi.

The Big Five: 'Big Daddy' Naidoo, second from left, leader of the Crimson League gang and owner/manager of Aces United Football Club.

Rare 16mm footage of black boxing in the Union.

Flying Men: Three members of the Sonny Moodley Troupe in perfect timing on a Durban beach.

Stiles Gang: Mac Naidoo (centre) of the Victoria Street Market and Manning Rangers Football Club with some members of his gang.

Riason and Aziz cruising through Durban's yesteryear in a 1939 Chevrolet.

Former boxer turned promoter Benny Singh (right) training Mckenzie in his Durban gym.